Cast Sterling Silver – custom order-to-size – $700 (also available in gold)

Bear Strength, & Teacher

The Bear symbolizes family and strength. Considered a protector of our forests, we look to the Bear to show us how to fish and pick berries in our territory.

Mountain Lion Stealth & Tenacity

An elusive ceature of our forests whom we appreciate for their stregnth and tanacity. We look to the mountain Lion to show us how to be stealth hunters.

Eagle Vision, Honour & Respect

The Eagle is a spiritual messenger for the people as he brings our prayers up to the Creator. They are an inspiration for our people and appreciated for their ability to see the big picture on the horizon as well as focus on small details below.

Raven Knowledge, Creativity & Humour

Raven is a symbol of knowledge and creativity. Known as a catalyst for change and often depicted as a trickster in many stories teaching us life lessons.

Wolf Leadership

Wolf is a masculine symbol of leadership and intelligence. He is a leader of the people and shows us strength in relationships and the importance of strong family values. Wolf shows intense loyalty with a balance of independence. 

Thunderbird Law & Protocol

The Thunderbird has supernatural ability to cause thunder and lightning and is considered a grandfather figure who cares for the people. 

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