Salmon Run Bracelet  Cast Sterling Silver – ordered to size – $2796 – $4195

Abundance, Prosperity & Determination: Salmon is a symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity because Salmon is the primary food source for Northwest Coastal people, representing the ability to provide for your family.  Salmon are Supernatural beings who give up their life to feed our people.  We hold them in high esteem and honour their return every year.  Out of respect, ceremonies are often held by the Northwest Coast people to celebrate the return of the Salmon to their traditional spawning grounds. 

Frog Storytelling Bracelet Cast Sterling Silver – ordered to size – $1660 – $2656

Springtime, Cleansing & Rebirth: Frogs start out living in water and later move to land, so for this reason Frog symbolizes the ability of adaptation, change and transformation. Their springtime songs are a sign for our people to put away the winter activities and prepare for a new season.

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