Cast Glass

Image – Wendy McEahern

THUNDERWHORL 2019 Limited Edition, Kiln Cast Lead Crystal 16.75” Diameter $10,000

ThunderWhorl depicts the great Thunderbird sitting on Frog, underneath a rainbow in a spindle whorl design. Thunderbird was said to reside on Black Tusk Mountain, a place where thunder sits. Frog is a storyteller and a great communicator to the people who tells us of things to come. Frog and Thunderbird remind us that it is important to live in harmony with your neighbours if you wish to experience the beauty in this world.

SÉL’SELTN—Spindle Whorl (Squamish) QÁQLEQSTEN—Spinning Wool Instrument (Lil’wat) The spindle whorl was used to spin animal and bast fibers into yarn for weaving, and was a vital tool for societies that place great value in their textiles. Spindle whorls were often offered as a gift to the weaver and their designs were a labour of love sometimes used to tell family stories. Designs blend together while spinning and it’s possible that this could indicate purification and might have signified the spindle whorl’s importance in transforming wool into wealth.

SUN & MOON 2019, 2020 Kiln Cast Lead Crystal 6” Diameter each $2000 each

Like all of Ed’s cast pieces, Sun and Moon began as wood carvings. Ed enjoys the creative process of creating a wood carvings that can translate into cast glass art, the texture of the wood grain is not lost in the final piece and lend to the depth of design. Sun was carved in Santa Fe and his rays are inspired by the Zia Pueblo sun symbol whose style of depicting sun rays is explored in this piece. Moon was created as a partner to Sun.

SUN – LIFE, ENERGY & KNOWLEDGE The Sun is a symbol of creation and life’s energy. In some stories the Sun is a person whom people seek out looking for assistance and his knowledge of the world. In many coastal myths, the sun is a metaphor for enlightenment and knowledge.

MOON – TIMEKEEPER, GUIDANCE & INFLUENCE The Moon is a marker of time and a feminine power or influence over nature. The Moon has the ability to change our moods and thoughts and controls the tides which affect our food cycle. Full moons are credited with providing direction, vision and guidance

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